What is Plan3D

With our own Special Mission Platform aircrafts, we continuously capture up-to-date 3D field data. In addition to orthomosaics (GSD 3-4 cm), our Plan3D product also includes oblique oriented photo images. Every year large areas within the Benelux are fully covered. Areas where no data is available yet, we can plan to be surveyed in short period. Based on a large number of images from different angles, and/or LIDAR data recorded at the same time, an accurate point cloud is built. Next to the Benelux, we can also operate Plan3D in other European countries.

Plan3D offers the opportunity to fill all needs concerning a basic terrain survey, GIS update, up to 3D Virtual Reality modelling. Plan3D can be consulted with Web viewers and the orthomosaics can be used in GIS. Due to its high accuracy, Plan3D is a reliable reference. This makes Plan3D the ultimate product for analysis or for mapping. Plan3D definitely is the cheapest and fastest way to get accurate and actual 3D site information.

With Plan3D we bring project sites in 3D to your office, which creates the next major step towards virtual surveying. Due to its detail, combined with high accuracy, Plan3D opens many possibilities for a large variety of projects to quickly provide the necessary "measurement". Do you need a representation of the actual situation or a mapping in any way, first ask what is possible based on Plan3D. With Plan3D we can offer a solution for object inventory, road infrastructure, rivers and canals, buildings and other structures, vegetation, utilities and energy-related assessment. The detailed 3D database offers the possibility to perform all types of 3D engineering in virtual reality.


Customized products

Orthomosaics and oblically focused images in a web viewer

Orthomosaics with GSD 3-4 cm are directly usable in any GIS environment.
We make relatively up-to-date Plan3D data with high detail visible via web viewer.

Terrain models

The level of detail of Plan3D lends itself to generating detailed terrain models.
These terrain models can be used in various CAD / GIS applications.

Object inventory

Object inventory for creation GIS creation / update, GRB + ...
Due to the great detail and high accuracy, it is possible to enter as a virtual surveyor Plan3D.
Basic terrain measurements can be created with this.

For more information please contact sales@vansteelandt.be.


Oblique photo

Point cloud

Ortho photo

Ortho photo with GRB overlay